Our First Principles

How great would it be if you could combine between a large amount of robotic modules so you could build your own robot in such a way that all the job needs would be satisfied? Well, look no further as Tarento Robotics has the answer!

You are able to choose among several specific-purpose modules that constitute any robot (for example, wheels, motor module and energy module) in a way that your demands can be met. At the same time, you can change the assembly at any time and tool-free, just by snapping together the necessary modules.

This way, you are able to purchase any necessary module today and tomorrow, as your needs change, your modules follow. You just ask us the module you need and we ship it just charging the cost of that single module, without the need to buy the entire robot. Wait, there's more: by combining any small number of modules, you can create a much larger number of useful robots as each combination serves a purpose.

You will have the freedom to decide whenever you want the robot you need! Just snap the modules and presto, a new robot arises! The really great part? You will only need some creativity.